About Mortgage Panda

We are a mortgage technology full service company based on Salesforce.



Our approach to a solution for the mortgage broker community  is a little different. Instead of integrating with various services and giving the broker various options, we have chosen to make our loan origination system on the hands down #1 CRM in the market (Salesforce) and the #1 POS solution for the broker community (Floify). We also integrate with credit vendors and document generation services for disclosures. We use the Hub and Spoke model for Mortgage Panda. What this means is that we have built our LOS, which using our HUB, works seamlessly over Salesforce, with Floify, with Meridian link (for credit reports), and Docuprep (for disclosures).

The point is to have a plug and play solution ready for the broker to use on day 1. All these systems and services are available by simply logging into your one Salesforce portal bringing all these functionalities together and working together.


Finally, we see our product as a foundation with the basic building blocks for a broker to grow. We will be with you every step of the way customizing for your specific needs, because we understand one size does not fit all in our business. We consider ourselves a mortgage technology full service company and work diligently to guide all our clients with all their technical pursuits.

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