Mortgage Panda

Welcome to the first and only complete Loan Origination System built on Salesforce. Let us be your mortgage technology partner. We've got your back.

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The Problem

  • No full technology service company for brokers.
  • Outdated Loan Origination System technology.
  • Need for importing & exporting data in a fragmented tech stack.
  • Scores of emails between originating parties.
  • Limited re-marketing capability.
  • No Mobile options for loan officers on the go.

The solution

Mortgage Panda is The Digital Mortgage Platform built natively on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM. Mortgage Panda is centered around delivering speed and efficiency to the residential mortgage processing pipeline. It does this by deploying automated workflows, processes and emails during the processing of the loan. Welcome to the one stop shop for your Customer Relationship Management, Loan Origination System and Point of Sale needs.

What Works For You

Our Loan Origination System is natively built on Salesforce. This means we can build upon our product for your unique needs. Be it unique email or SMS marketing, developing insights from client data, etc. The possibilities are limitless with your data in the right place.

Become Customer Centric

Building your client database on salesforce without duplicate data entry will allow you to know your clients better and be able to market to them to better serve their needs. Make sure they hear from you when they need you the most.

Key Features

  • Fully functional 1003 with FNM export.
  • Full Fees worksheet.
  • Integration with credit agencies to pull credit and auto populate liabilities.
  • Full integration with #1 POS system for loan originators – Floify. Loan officers would never need to leave Mortgage Panda to use Floify!
  • Loan Processing management / tracker for communication between loan officer and Processor, eliminating status request emails.
  • Audit loan pipeline with Date tracker.
  • Full loan reporting using Salesforce dashboards.
  • Full LOS on mobile & tablet.
  • Bulk marketing emails to clients.
  • With each Mortgage Panda license, loan officers also get a team of Mortgage Panda and Salesforce professionals to answer their queries, or help them in using the platform more efficiently. We even help setting up templates, email campaigns and more!

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